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Meet Our Staff

Staff Group Photo

Stacey Williamson

Practice Manager


Stacey Williamson is our Practice Manager. She has been with our office since 2015. She graduated as a Medical Assistant and after spending several years in that field she decided she loved the business side the most! Here at Keaty & Gouri Pediatric Dentistry, she has been quoted to say "It is the best of both worlds… I get to take care of business all while getting to play with the kids!!"

Ann Miller

Clinical Manager


Ann Miller is our Clinical Manager. She has been in dentistry since 1990 and with our office since 2000. Her love and dedication of helping children has allowed her to participate in several mission trips with Dr. Keaty to Mexico.

Lynn Lagneaux

Hospital Coordinator


Lynn Lagneaux is our Hospital Coordinator. Her motto of “It’s a beautiful day to save smiles” is her motivation. She has been with our office for 9 years. Lynn is also certified as a Dental Assistant and a Computer Specialist. Both are extremely useful in our high speed practice.

Cindy Faulk


Cindy Faulk is the face you will see at our check out desk. She has been in dentistry for 17 years. Her compassion shows in how she cares for our patients and their families.

Wanda Moore

Insurance Coordinator


Wanda Moore is our Insurance Coordinator. She has been with us for 21 years. Wanda loves being surrounded by family and friends and it shows in her love for the kids and her fellow staff.

Amy Desormeaux

Dental Assistant


Amy Desormeaux is a Dental Assistant. She has been with us for 15 years. Amy loves to play practical jokes on her fellow employees which always keeps things fun. She enjoys making people smile and laugh…especially her patients!

Tabitha Bernard

Dental Assistant


Tabitha Bernard is a Dental Assistant. She has been an assistant for 10 years and has been with our office since 2009. Dental visits were never pleasant for her as a child so she has made it her mission to give the best care to our patients.

Anaise Clues

Dental Assistant


Anaise Clues is a Dental Assistant. She began her career with us as an intern during her studies. With her fun personality and career focused attitude, we simply could not let her go!